Banksy Museum - Permanent exhibition in New York City

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The Banksy Museum now in New York City

The largest collection of Banksy’s life-sized murals and artwork in the world

Hiroko Masuike
Hiroko Masuike
Art Critic - The New York Times
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"It's the kind of thing Banksy himself might produce to mock the market's fetishization of street art". The New York Times - Hiroko Masuike

The Banksy museum is now in NEW YORK CITY - An immersive exhibition in street art - Open 7 days a week - FROM 10AM (LAST ENTRANCE AT 7:15PM)

Over 160 pieces by the most mysterious contemporary artist can be seen on the 2 upper floors of the Oltarsh Building, a 3-story mercantile building that opened as a Theatre in 1927 and covers an area of over a 15,000 sqft. 

The production available at the museum is unauthorised and unaffiliated with the artist.

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Walls as canvas for street artists

Banksy is undoubtedly today’s most famous and controversial street artist. The Banksy Museum resolutely sets out to introduce Banksy and his unusual approach through the creativity he has shown in the streets all over the world. There was no question in the mind of the curating team of simply putting Banksy in frames. Visitors will discover the master of street art in a comprehensive and immersive experience. This exhibition and the Banksy Museum give a new lease of life to Banksy’s street creations – as many of them have disappeared.

…and there is more to it than that !

A team of international street artists (as anonymous as Banksy) were given the keys to this magical place and transformed it into a journey full of surprises. They will guide you around the world in one single place. Make sure you come and visit the Banksy Museum! It also features some of his studio work, as well as animated visual elements and videos !

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« The Girl and the Soldier » Banksy, 2008, Bethlehem
Banksy Museum in New York City | The largest collection of Banksy's life-sized murals and artwork in the world